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We’re Timm & Richard

aka “The Gentlemen of Cinema”, aka “Pie&Mash”


I have been fascinated with movies for as long as I can remember – not just watching them, but what it takes to make them. I was just a child when my parents purchased the family’s first VHS camcorder and I started creating movies with whatever I could find around the house. My love of filmmaking had officially begun, and it continues today stronger than ever. After spending some time bowling professionally as a young adult, I have brought my passion and years of experience to the craft of wedding filmmaking for over 10 years now. -Timm
Born and raised in London, England and at home in Charlotte, NC, I have always been a romantic at heart. I am drawn to sentimental moments, gorgeous atmospheres, and beautiful light. I have a passion for film, antique cameras. I’m compelled by an inextinguishable pursuit of meaningful imagery and the artful life. -Richard

{A few of our recent creations.}

“Our work is frequently described as fashionable, timeless and emotive, but to us, our films are simply reflections of the marriage of life and art that is always present around us.”

“We look forward to hearing from you!”